Most people have the misconception that it rains all of the time in Seattle.  We actually live within the climate type cool Mediterranean;   one that includes a great quantity of winter rain, consistent rainless summers and relatively mild winters.   Due to these relatively temperant and dry summer conditions, plants for the Summer Dry season grow well in low water conditions and provide interest beyond in the Pacific Northwest along with herbs and heat tolerant herbaceous plants.  When you place plants in a container with a fixed area for soil depth, the need for drought tolerant plants is imperative for the Seattle summer weather especially now that our climate is heating up.  On the other hand, the same restricted soil depth affects which plants will do well during the Winter Wet months.  Plants that tolerate wetter soils and survive during cold winter events are necessary selections for winter container performance.  Add  microclimate (“a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area…. area can be as small as a….. few square yards*) to the seasonal affects and a plan just for your location will be designed.

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Summer Dry Season Plants



Winter Wet Season Plants










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