What is the microclimate where I want to place my railing basket?

 Microclimate is the climate of a small area within a larger climate zone which has its own unique characteristics determined by where it is situated.  The microclimate of a balcony railing consists of the amount of exposure to light, wind, precipitation and heat and cold temperatures.  Urban microclimates are affected not only by Pacific Northwest regional weather but also by the

surrounding buildings and heat absorbing components such as concrete, brick and stone. Adjacent buildings can increase or decrease the amount of sunlight, wind and precipitation where a railing basket exists.  The amount of heart absorbing components will add to the temperatures achieved within the microclimate. 


Consider the following conditions that affect the microclimate of a railscape:

1.  Site faces north, south, west or east

2. Time of day and amount of sunlight reaching site.  (Differs from season to season)

3.  Exposure/protection from wind

4.  Exposure/protection from precipitation

5.  Surrounding materials reflect or absorb heat