24" Horse Trough Railing Basket

The 24” horse trough consists of a metal frame with adjustable mounts for 4-6” railings and a coir (coconut fiber) basket that houses plants. For smaller railings, additional spacers and ties are used for support. The coir basket allows for good drainage plus holds water well. It works well for both summer dry and winter wet season plants although more frequent watering is required during the hottest days.

18” round baskets by Bloem Living

This round plastic railing basket has very slow drainage and holds water well.  It is a good choice for summer dry plants but not as good for winter wet season plants due to its high water-holding capability.  It is adjustable for railings 4-6” in width and requires spacers/fillers for a smaller width railing.  The simple design is a fashionable look and the container comes in a variety of color choices.